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Businesses Contributing to Eco Green in Walgett Region of New South Wales

Walgett, one of the largest towns in the northwest region of New South Wales, is home to a number of businesses that contribute to eco-friendly practices. From waste reduction and recycling to energy conservation and community outreach, these organisations are taking initiative towards promoting the green wave. This article highlights some of the businesses in the Walgett region that are leading the way in environmental sustainability.

1. Cleanaway

Cleanaway is an Australian waste management company that provides recycling, industrial and municipal services across the country. They offer a range of waste management solutions including liquid and hazardous waste management, industrial cleaning, recycling, and environmentally sustainable solutions. The company is committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and increasing resource recovery.

Cleanaway's work in the Walgett region includes the provision of waste collection services and recycling options. Their services are reliable and efficient, and they always seek ways to reduce environmental impact. The company's policies on technology and innovation ensure that they continue to develop sustainable solutions for waste management. Cleanaway is making an incredible impact on the environment in the region of Walgett, New South Wales.

2. Delta Electricity

Delta Electricity is committed to reducing its environmental impact through the use of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies. They are a subsidiary of the NSW Government-owned company and the largest generator of electricity in New South Wales, Australia. Delta's decision to replace their fossil fuel boilers with biomass boilers at their Vales Point Power Station was a major milestone in their journey towards carbon reduction.

The company plans to set up a renewable energy park that will contribute to the electricity demand of the Walgett region in a reliable and sustainable direction. Delta Electricity is proactively changing energy production to align with sustainable goals in Walgett.

3. Walgett Shire Council

The Walgett Shire Council is a local government organisation that represents the Walgett area and its residents. The council is responsible for a range of services, including maintaining local roads and parks, managing waste disposal and recycling, and supporting local businesses and community groups.

The council aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 through a range of initiatives. Projects such as solar street lighting, energy-efficient public buildings, and waste management programs are actively contributing to these sustainability goals. The council works with local businesses, community groups and social enterprises to support their efforts towards sustainable development of the region.

4. Nindethana Seed Service

Nindethana Seed Service is an eco-friendly company that supplies high-quality Australian native seeds, including grasses, wildflowers and trees. They maintain a strong focus on sustainability and work with a range of government agencies, councils, and private landholders in the Walgett area.

Nindethana Seed Service promotes and supports biodiversity conservation, restoration and sustainable farming practices in the Walgett region. Their seeds comply with the National Standards for the Dispersal of Plant Propagative Material, ensuring the protection of the environment and its species. The company is functioning in an environmentally viable way and is leading the way for sustainable agriculture in the Walgett region.

5. Walgett Solar Power

Walgett Solar Power is a clean energy initiative that promotes the use of renewable energy sources, specifically solar energy, for electricity production in Walgett. The company aims to set up solar-powered systems for homes and businesses in the region and provide electricity at affordable rates.

By reducing the reliance on fossil fuels, Walgett Solar Power contributes to a sustainable energy mix for the Walgett region. Assistance in funding for installations is accessible from the various incentive schemes the company offers. This initiative reflects the increasing trend of solar energy use in many urban areas, improving the standard of living regionally.


These five businesses are making a significant impact on the environment in the Walgett region. They are providing environmentally sustainable solutions that promote the concepts of cleanliness, conservation and sustainability in the local community and businesses.

Cleanaway is ensuring the responsible disposal of waste material for maximized resource recovery. Delta Electricity is investing in renewable energy sources to reduce the carbon footprint of their energy production. The Walgett Shire Council is integrating environmental concerns into their policies and projects. Nindethana Seed Service is promoting biodiversity preservation through the use of sustainable native plant species in farming practices. Walgett Solar Power is providing economical and clean energy by promoting the use of solar energy.

Together, these businesses are paving the way for a balanced, green future in Walgett. They are setting a positive example for other organisations and individuals to follow while engaging in sustainable practices locally and encouraging green initiatives globally.

Contact details for these organisations can be found on their official websites.

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